Experts in Sourcing Products

´╗┐´╗┐SoleTech has been a pioneer in sourcing materials and products overseas. SoleTech was among the first US companies to source products in the Far East and soon became a key player in the shoe repair and orthopedic industries.  With this rich history in sourcing products overseas, SoleTech management has developed strong relationships with manufacturers throughout Asia, Europe, South America and Mexico. These relationships and connections give SoleTech access to many products that other companies would not have access to. We are constantly helping source new products for our customers and continually look to see how we can introduce new products and help our customers save money. Please contact us if you want us to source products in the shoe repair, shoe manufacturing or orthopedic market that your company needs.

RUVA II: Proven Superior

RUVA II is the new standard in performance for replacement soles.

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