Footwear Manufacturers

Soletech is a leading supplier of footwear components to the US shoe manufacturing. SoleTech has a long history and deep expertise in this field. When Soletech, Inc. was founded in 1946 as the M. Jaffe Company, the company’s primary business was to supply the many smaller shoe-manufacturing companies in New England and Pennsylvania with “bottom” components – compression molded rubber heels and soles and composition soling sheets. 

In the early 1980’s, under the leadership of current owner, Tom Costin, SoleTech found a niche in the industry by becoming specialty manufacturers of high quality compression molded EVA midsoles and high abrasion rubber bottom components for the athletic shoe industry that included New Balance, Saucony and Etonic. SoleTech was also manufacturing molded rubber heels targeted for large shoe manufacturers. 

Today, SoleTech remains a leading manufacturer of components used by large shoe companies. If you are a shoe manufacturing company that is looking for a supplier of bottom components please contact us.