• Firm Crepe (60-65 durometer)

Firm Crepe (60-65 durometer)

  • A firmer EVA/SBR blend that is very durable and abrasive resistant enough to be used for outsoling. It is used extensively in posting/wedging & shoe buildups.

  • Product Code: 84
  • Availability Available in Black 6I,12I,15I,18I,24I,30I & 36I
    Available in White 6I,12I,18I,24I & 30I
    Available in Brown 12I & 24I
    Available in Bright Red 12I,18I & 24I
    Available in Medical Blue & Light Navy 18I & 24I
    Available in Black only 21I
  • Specifications Shore A Durometer: 60-65
    Heating Temp: 275 F for 2 minutes